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Satoshi Fujinuma

I have a strong interest in nature. When I am in nature, I pay detailed attention to it by using all senses; vision, hearing, and smell. Then I come across something unique and am surprised. “What is that?” and “Why?” I am overjoyed by finding something I had never seen before and by the stimulation of intellectual desire. I like to create art by using the “What is this?” and the “Why?” in nature as my inspiration. Nature has pattern and regularity, however, there is also inconsistency and irregularity– That’s where I find beauty. I am especially interested in plants and animals of nature and I study them in depth. That’s when I find interesting shapes and patterns. I rebuild these images in my memory together to create my sculpture. You will not find the exact same thing in nature as I create. My art is abstract but realism abstract art.

What that means is I make something that doesn’t exist, but you will think my art as if it could exist or as if you have seen it somewhere before. I think that sense can stimulate the synapse of the memory in people. I explain this as “Biomimetic Expression.” I want people to pick up my art in hand and look at it from every direction, just like I do in nature.


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